Friday, February 17, 2017

A Trip to Chelsea's Historic District

This is one of those posts that makes you want to visit NYC at least once a week! When I attended my wine class at Pastai NYC I came across an amazing area of Chelsea. There are so many little streets in NYC, that no matter how many times you visit, you can't see everything. I am always impressed by my findings when I go in a direction I never have before. To me, that is what makes this city great - always surprises at every corner! How fabulous is this door above?? 
This area is West 20th and 9th Avenue, part of the historic district of Chelsea. It was built between 1853 to 1845. Some of the homes have their original elements such as the stoop, door, cast iron and windows. Many are in the Italianate style, a few in Greek revival period. 
Is this not perfect? 
I just was in awe of the various designs of wrought iron and to think some of them were here since the 1800's is mind blowing! 
Due to the fact that the area is a historic district, the Historical Districts Council helps keep the neighborhood's character alive. The HDC performs regular architectural surveys of historic neighborhoods that may merit protection. I think in the USA, we are too quick to tear things down then try to restore and keep them around for everyone's enjoyment. 
Love the red door and that door knocker is just sweet! 
Artisans work on these designs from metals such as custom wrought iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or brass. They really are works of art! 

The Italianite style was a popular Victorian-Era housing style from the mid to late 1800's which was inspired by the villas of Italy. They had nearly flat roofs, wide eaves and massive brackets. Italianate architecture knew no class boundaries. 

I apologize for this post being so long, but I really felt the need to showcase this wonderful area of New York City. I found my research interesting, and have an even more appreciation for these artisans who crafted these homes. I am so thrilled that New York City has organizations to preserve these areas for all of us to enjoy. Every state should have an advocate for historic neighborhoods to preserve all the beauty from centuries ago.

Today's Words of Wisdom: Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods, and men, to put man into possession of his own Earth. It is at least the geometric pattern of things, of life, of the human and social world. It is at best that magic framework of reality that we sometimes touch upon when we use the word order. - Frank Lloyd Wright

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