Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A NYC Foodie Post to Begin 2017

Can you believe it is 2017? Where did 2016 go exactly? It went pretty fast for me, I was quite busy last year. I have so many neat posts to show you, having spent my first Christmas in the city as well as New Year's Day. One of my favorite places is Maison Kayser. I took a friend there for the first time New Year's Day and she was blown away. Remember to always pop in places you never heard of when visiting New York City, or any new city for that matter. You could be missing out on some amazing creations!  
I never met anything at Maison Kayser I didn't like.  
The holiday log looked just amazing!  
Edible works of art is what I cal them  
Doesn't that look like a happy table?  

Life doesn't get any better than a Croque-Madame! 

Le Pain Quotidien is also a place I frequent while in the city. Wonderful quiche here! 
This avocado toast with shrimp was perfect for lunch or a light dinner 

Le Pain Quotidien has some of the best lattes you will enjoy 
Dylan's opened a shop near Union Square and I was thrilled to see below: 
Dana's Bakery macarons I have ordered online but nice to know can pick up when in the city 
Pastry can look like a work of art, when you use the right photography app like Prisma 
Dean and Deluca is another place I pop in often, they are near Port Authority and a great place to chill waiting for my bus 

Hope you didn't view this post on an empty stomach. If so, I do apologize! 

What is your favorite foodie place to go in New York City ? 

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