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Gift Giving Options with A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

We are all looking for unique gift ideas this time of year. I thought I would showcase one of the best tour companies in New York City for some ideas for you. This is in no way a sponsored post. 

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours was a company a knew about for a long time. I was contacted by the owner Tony Muia to go on his famous Brooklyn Pizza Tour in 2012. The company has been around since 2005, and continues to do very well with tourists as well as New York residents. The tours leave and drop you off at same location in Union Square, which makes it very simple. 

I find these tours to be such a great gift idea, I am not big on gift certificates, but a tour one is a pretty great idea. The experience that the receiver has is something they will never forget. We all seem to have so many "things" but experiences enrich us and educate us. 

The Brooklyn Pizza Tour runs about 4.5 hours cost of $80.00 adults, $70 children under 12, which is very reasonable. I did another tour this year that was more costly, and not as good at all.  You visit 2 great Brooklyn pizzerias Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge (you can skip the long line which is awesome) for their brick oven, Neapolitan style and L&B Spumoni Gardens for their authentic, award winning Sicilian style. 
You also get a lovely tour of Brooklyn which is such an important part of the New York City landscape.  

The Brooklyn Neighborhood Tour is a real fun day to see the amazing architecture of Brooklyn. I took this tour in 2013 and really enjoyed it. It is so nice to have the bus take you to various places, and not worry about getting lost. I just loved the brownstones above, they have so much character. 

This tour runs about 4 hours and 30 minutes and cost is $75 adult $65 children under 12, includes a fantastic lunch at the original Junior's Restaurant. 

This is the famous and gorgeous Greenwood Cemetery which you visit on the Brooklyn Neighborhood Tour. We had a lovely day, and it was the most wonderful experience. 

For your stop at Junior's you enjoy a half pastrami sandwich, fries, egg cream and their famous cheesecake. The restaurant has been on Flatbush Avenue since the 1950's and has some very cool decor. 

The most recent tour I attended, the very first one actually, is their Brooklyn Chocolate Tour. Tony had told me about working on this, and I was just waiting for it to be available! The above photo shows Tony opening the door for us at the amazing Chocolate Room, the place smelled so good. I really didn't want to leave! 

The chocolate tour is great for the chocolate lovers in your family, it was an amazing day. The tour lasts about 4 hours, and price is $50 adults $40 children under 12. It will be some of the best money you will spend for this tour. Tony's prices are very reasonable, and you travel in either a large size bus or smaller bus depending on the number of folks doing the tour. I once paid quite a bit for a tour to be in a mini-van and I was not too thrilled about that, very uncomfortable. 

This was taken from Valentino Pier on the chocolate tour. You visit 4 of the best chocolate shops in Brooklyn, with such ease so you can enjoy your day. We really had the most gorgeous day for this tour, I think the weather god's were on Tony's side that day! 

This was from the Chocolate Room, cocoa that blew the mind and a major chocolate cupcake. I can't even being to explain except Do This Tour if you like chocolate. It is so much fun! 

Last, but not least, is their Dyker Heights Christmas Tour. This of course runs during the holiday season, and is great for kids as well as adults. This area of Brooklyn has some of the most elaborate decorations for Christmas. It runs 3.5 hours and cost is $50 adults and $40 children under 12. 

This is something everyone should see at least once, it is quite spectacular. 

I just felt the need to show you these great tours that are available, and A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours offers gift certificates. I would be quite happy to give or receive one of these for the holiday, or any occasion. It is so nice to give people great memories to cherish, and that is what all of these tours will do for you.

You can book any tour with A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours online  which makes it very easy and quick.
145 4th Ave New York, NY 10003
Office: (917) 515-5409
Booking: (212) 913-9917
Mailing Address:
A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours
68 3rd Street – Suite 244
Brooklyn, NY 11231

This is NOT  a sponsored post. I am a very big fan myself of all tours with A Slice of Brooklyn Tours and wanted to remind you they were available. 

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