Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday Train Show at Grand Central

A mini version of Grand Central ! How cute is this? 
You had all the large buildings that you see walking around the city in the middle of those trains running along. So nice. 
King Kong climbing the Empire State Building 
Lovely view for you here, I love all the lights on the ceiling  
For the train collector, they sell many items related to train collecting, and items from the New York Transit Museum are available as well. 

I loved this little cabin! I wonder how long it takes them to put this display together? So much detail everywhere you look 

Those bottle brush trees are my favorite! 

I am glad I got the chance to see this during the holiday season. It is a very small area, and with folks bringing children, in strollers or just walking, it can be a bit rough. You may be best to go during the week to be less crowded, as it runs until February 2016. For the train lover, it is a must. 

From their website: 

Lionel trains once again will capture hearts and imaginations at the Transit Museum where Metro-North, New York Central and subway trains depart from a miniature GCT. The Museum’s store and booth at the Holiday Gift Fair offer great gifts for your holiday shopping!


Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm   Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Extended holiday hours from November 22 to December 24:

 Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm  Saturday: 10am – 8pm Sunday: 10am – 7pm


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