Monday, October 31, 2016

Scarecrow Festival at Peddler's Village

We are visiting the lovely Peddler's Village today in Bucks County. I went here with my 
parents when I was small, and it always is a fabulous time. They hold a Scarecrow Festival
every year, and I was thrilled to take photos of some of the best ones for you. 
We will take a closer look at Peddler's Village itself later this week.  
Chaddsford Winery has some tasty wines available for purchase  

One of my absolute favorites! So much detail  

Very chic scarecrow!  
So adorable!  

I just love anything pumpkin!  
Too cute!  

It's Slash!!  
One more angle of this one!  

Loving the french bistro look here. Her legs are too funny!  

When I was little, a lady my Mom worked with had a husband 
named Oscar. So me, being the child I was, asked him if he was 
a grouch. He was not amused, my Dad thought it was hysterical.  
This chef scarecrow was fantastic  

Really makes you think  

I was lucky to be there on such a gorgeous day  

I always wanted this game as a child  
My Mom was a HUGE Star Wars fan, and she would have loved 
this new little guy! So cute!  

Loved the Italian shop scarecrow, he looks like he is 
cooking you some pasta for dinner!  
They have this festival every year, and scarecrows are on display for almost 
2 months. A really nice trip for the family or a girls weekend  

Peddler's Village, Routes 202 & 263 
Lahaska, Bucks County, PA - 18931
Check out all the cool festivals throughout the year on Peddler's Village website 

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