Friday, October 28, 2016

A Re-visit to The Doors of the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is famous for many of the best museums, colleges and home to some of the world's most wealthy people. I love to just walk around the side streets and just see what I find. I always feel New York City is best when you don't have an agenda, and you let your feet guide you.
inside doorway of the Neue Galerie 
I loved the lantern's on the side and actual door designs 
I stood in front of this building a long time....just staring at it's incredible character...
I think everyone can appreciate the beauty of this architecture 
one stunner after another.......
doors can be almost magical, can't they?
of course in NYC, everything is magical, isn't it ?
many of these buildings are homes to businesses like doctor's offices 
This one would probably open to one gorgeous building inside 
The Upper East Side still represents the classy "old" New York as apartments can be less expensive here because of the lack of subway service. 

Would you like to live on the Upper East Side? I feel it would be an experience like none other..........

Today's Words of Wisdom: Happiness is Where you Find It 

♥ repost from Jan 28, 2011 ♥

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Fashion-isha said...

Omg what a great idea for a post! I know that Paris has great doors but I never really noticed the ones in New York. This is just fabulous!

Daryl said...

i beg to differ ... some of the most wonderful architecture can be found on the Upper Westside ... take a wander up West End Avenue to see some amazing architecture on the glorious pre-war (WW2) buildings and all the brownstones and townhouses on the side streets ..

come on, i'll will show

eltechie said...

Great Pics!
I Love your blog!

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