Friday, September 30, 2016

A Visit to Trapani in Sicily for Cannoli

This amazing post would not be possible without my favorite social media website called Twitter. I am such a big fan of Twitter, my followers are some of the nicest people on earth. I am always meeting new folks, and Francesca Polisano is one of them. She writes the blog Saucy Sicliana, and is the mother of Sayaka Alessandra . Francesca is from Trapani, a city and comune on the west coast of Sicily in Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Trapani. Founded by Elymians, the city is still an important fishing port and the main gateway to the nearby Egadi Islands. Of course she has a love and fondness for cannoli, or cannolo as they say in Italy, and agreed to do a guest photo post for me. The first thing I noticed of these "original" cannolo is the size. They are MEGA huge. They are filled from side to side, as I hate when you bite into a cannoli and the middle is empty! I do not think you would have that problem in Trapani. I think you will enjoy this wonderful little visit with Francesca:  
Bar Erice, where they make the biggest cannolis. The bar is located in Napula,  a little town just a few minutes drive from Trapani.  Below photo is Francesca sitting at the Bar Erice ready to eat their cannolo.  

This looks like pure heaven! Look how that is filled and it looks so creamy! Oh my word!!  
The Pasticceria Colicchia, the most famous cannoli shop in Trapani.  In the above photo Francesca is standing on the side of the shop with their cannolo, the other picture she is with Cavaliere Francesco Colicchia, the owner.

CAFE' DEL CORSO, one of the most popular cafè in Trapani's historical center, and Francesca sitting at the cafè ready to eat the cannolo. This cafe' is really gorgeous! 
 DATTILO, a tiny town near Trapani, famous for its cannoli and Francesca below enjoying their cannolo 
The size of these just amazes me! That would be my dinner, for sure!!  
Francesca holding the cannolis of Dattilo
BAR LUNA, a popular cafè in Trapani
Francesca in front of  Cafè ORONERO, on the main road of Trapani, Via Fardella. Cafè Oronero is  the only bar in Trapani which serves cannolis from Napula. For people who are too lazy to go to Napula :) 

I hope you enjoyed this little visit of some "real" "authentic" cannoli from Francesca in Trapani, Sicily. Be sure to check our her blog, Saucy Sicliana, and give her a follow on twitter HERE. She has some great recipes on her blog as well as shows you around Trapani. If you are not currently on twitter, I say give it a try. There are some fabulous people you can meet, and I would love for you to follow me as well HERE.  
A BIG Thank you to Francesca for these amazing photos & lots of cannoli ♥ !! 

Today's Words of Wisdom: If I could marry cannoli cream, I would - Unknown 

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