Monday, August 8, 2016

Random New York City Photography June 2016

I was in the city quite a bit the month of June. Just about every week, to be honest, which was fun and crazy at the same time. I shot some really cool photos which I wanted to share, these are the reasons why you visit New York City. Everywhere you walk, everywhere you look, you see beautiful things! 
The building above was from the Upper West Side on a glorious day!  
The Langham is a gorgeous building, but that car with the missing hubcap doesn't really belong in front of it! The apartment building was constructed between 1905 and 1907.  
I love the fact that you can just walk around the city, and find such wonderful architectural treasures! 

Is this not gorgeous? I have found that going to NYC so often, I appreciate these buildings, and end up searching online the type of architecture I so enjoy! 
This was between the Flatiron and Chelsea area 
I found this lovely fire house on a side street, 5th Ave and 18th Street 
The building is just beautiful! 
I love the flowers on the side, they must take great pride working here! I know I would! 
 A stop at our friends LA Burdick is always a great idea. This is a chocolate coconut gluten free caek and tasted so darn good! 

The statue of Chester Alan Arthur in Madison Square Park. He was our 21st President, he took the oath in New York City after President Garfield's  assassination. 
I was anxious to check out Eataly at night, thinking it would be less busy. I was very wrong. That place is just crazy 24/7, how great does that cauliflower look? 
These gorgeous flowers were from Eataly as well. The colors are just fabulous! 
You cannot visit Eataly without espresso and gelato - they are great together! 
Some of the most fresh pasta can be found at Eataly 
As well as this cookie with a pool of Nutella in the middle 

I never get tired of looking at this lovely view. The Met Life Tower was completed in 1909, and was the tallest building in New York City from 1909 to 1913. 

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