Sunday, June 19, 2016

Honoring Dad This Father's Day

With this Sunday being Father's Day, I thought my Dad should have a proper post honoring him. He passed away in 2004, way before I started this blog, but I know he would have loved it! My Dad was a very handsome guy, and he loved to dress. He never even finished school, only went to the 8th grade, but had his own business, built a new home for his family and did well for himself. 

I love this picture! He just looks so classy here. I still have the boxes with his Stetson hats in them, and some of his favorite ties, like the one he wore when he married my Mom. My Dad worked in a gas station before he opened his shoe repair business, and he loved all the great cars he got to see.   
I am so thrilled I have these photos, but I wish I had more of them. They are from another era, and are so fun to enjoy in 2015. My Dad is the guy standing in the uniform. They wore uniforms in those days when they were gas station attendants! 

My Dad's shoe repair shop in our hometown, which he ran for many, many years  

My Dad's shop was the social place to be in town. It was kind of like the old-fashioned barber shops, folks stood around and chatted with him while he repaired their shoes. Now, if I were a bit older, I'd say he should have served some espresso and biscotti to his customers! When I walk around New York City, I am so glad to see many shoe repair shops still in business because they are such a dying breed. I used to go to his shop sometimes after school, instead of going home, and when I walked it, that smell of glue for the shoes was just so familiar. I loved being there to watch him work his magic, he made old shoes look brand new like no one else could.  

My Dad wrote on the back of this photo, which I love when I find that, this photo was from 1963, and his barber is in the middle along with another shopkeeper who worked next door to my Dad's shop. 
My Dad visiting our home as it was being built. He was very proud of his house, and visited daily to make sure everything was running smoothly.  
One of my many photos with my Dad, taken by my Mom, on one of my birthdays. My Dad loved to joke with people, tease them, in the nicest way possible. I cannot believe he will be gone 11 years this year, it doesn't seem that long at all. My Dad was a father late in life, but he gave me everything I needed. My Mom and he were really life partners, and both said they would have never married if it wasn't to each other. I miss my Father very much, and I am so glad for the wonderful memories he gave me. The big band music blaring through the house, New York Yankees games on the television, grilling outside in the summer months, enjoying great Italian food, watching the Food Network, trying new things like Chai tea, and eating ice cream right out of the container!  

I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day with your special guy this year. Spoil them rotten while you have them, as once they are gone, you can then look back and smile. I am so proud to be my Dad's daughter, and I strive everyday to continue to make him proud and live up to his wonderful legacy. 

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