Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where's Rosemary?

I am very pleased to announce a little more information about a new feature here on NYC, Style and a little Cannoli. I am going to be reviewing hotels on a more regular basis. I will be staying in different areas of the city to see how each neighborhood is different. I am excited to be able to check out various hotels and see what they offer, what's good and what's not good. I really feel your hotel is the place where you should not skimp money wise, it's best to be in a clean, safe place that is near subway or walking distance of where you wish to visit. 

The wonderful above illustration of "Where's Rosemary?" was created by a talented illustrator Joy-Louise, who owns the blog Felicity and Ink. You should definitely check out her site, and her amazing designs! She really captured for me what I was looking for in this illustration, the fabulous architecture of NYC and my favorite cannoli! 

Photography from my amazing stay at the Sofitel Hotel New York City 

There will also be a listing on my sidebar of all hotel reviews, so you can easily pull them up and see how my stay went. Remember to follow me on Instagram to see where I am headed, and what I am checking out in NYC. 

If you have any questions about New York City Hotels, please feel free to ask them in the comments below. What do you find is your major issue when choosing a hotel? I am so happy to help with any questions you may have to make your visit to NYC a most memorable one! Thank you !! 

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