Friday, February 12, 2016

Maille Boutique on the Upper West Side

One of the places on my major to-do list from the winter months was the Maille Boutique. I have shown you some of their products here on the blog, and we are familiar with their mustard from our local supermarket. What many may not realize is that they have so many wonderful flavors of mustard available, as well as other condiments. There are 6 Maille Boutiques in the world, and we are lucky to have one in the Upper West Side of New York City. If you are a mustard lover, you need to visit this place asap. Let's take a tour:  
Everything is done here in the most classy way. That is a little mustard pot with a mustard spoon. Yes, they make mustard spoons! So adorable!  
Wonderful gift sets are available which make the foodie or chef a very happy person! This company has been in business since 1747 so you know it has to be good!  

Interesting suggestions here such as the chocolate chip cookies with pistachio orange mustard! 
When you look at the selection, it is hard to choose just a few items!  
Know-how, craftsmanship and the human touch contribute to the character and quality of products La Maison Maille has been producing for more than 267 years. The tradition is kept alive by the team of experts who create the products today, preserving the excellence that defines La Maison Maille in a continual quest for innovation and perfection. It is the attention to detail that sets La Maison Maille apart - the carefully selected ingredients, the nuances of the recipes, the expertise in the methods used and the elegant black and gold packaging. 
If whole grain mustard is your favorite, you will not find a better one than in the Maille Boutique

The wonderful gift set of the mustard pot and bowl which I would be thrilled to receive!  
Another great gift package with the mustard and vinegar selections 
I thought this was a great gift box to try a few of the different flavors of the mustard to see which is your favorite.  
For the spicy lovers, you have horseradish mustard available.  
The saffron mustard had a gorgeous color.  

Did you ever think mustard could be elegant? When you visit this boutique, you see it is possible!  

  One of the most amazing items in this boutique are the mustard selections on tap. Here is some information from the Maille website:

Drawn by hand from ingeniously engineered pumps, our mustards on tap are gently poured into exclusive earthenware pots and sealed with cork stoppers. Choose between intense and woody black winter truffles and Chablis wine and the subtle fruitiness of wholegrain mustard with Chardonnay. Or the intriguing sweetness of Dijon mustard with Sauternes. La Maison Maille’s mustards on tap are the pinnacle of condiments and also make the perfect gift for food lovers.

I love these pots, and when yours if empty, you can bring back to the boutique and have it refilled! Pure genius!  

Please let me know if you do visit the Maille New York boutique, and what was your favorite mustard! It is a true destination in the Upper West Side!! 

Maille New York
185 Columbus Avenue at 68th St
New York, NY 10023
Phone : +1-212-724-1014

Monday to Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 11am–7pm

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