Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baked by Melissa French Macarons Review

I waited as long as I could to order these little guys! I am a HUGE fan of Baked by Melissa. I had the pleasure of working with them twice in the past to help promote their little cupcakes. It is so great to work with a company you already patronize quite often. They have been baking their adorable cupcakes for quite a few years, and they are oh-so-popular. I love giving them as gifts to friends, and try to take some home each time I visit NYC. When I heard they were going to make another product, I was so excited. I was thinking brownies, but when on January 14th they announced bite-site French macarons, I was too darn excited! 

The flavor choices are: 

Shell: Pink and White
Filling: Sugar Cookie and Rainbow Nonpareil
Topping: Rainbow Nonpareil
Shell: Dark Chocolate
Filling: Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt
Shell: Red Velvet 
Filling: Cream Cheese and Chocolate 
Topping: Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Drizzle
Shell: Cookie Dough 
Filling: Cookie Dough and Chocolate
Topping: Dark Chocolate Drizzle
Shell: White 
Filling: Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon
Topping: Cinnamon and Sugar
Shell: Caramel 
Filling: Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Ganache, and Sea Salt
Topping: Dark Chocolate Drizzle

These gorgeous little guys are also GLUTEN FREE!! 

These are just unreal! The flavors are all amazing, I can't decide on a favorite! This was a great choice for Baked by Melissa, and I highly recommend you trying them. If you are looking for a fun gift for someone that is unique, this is it! You can choose the sampler like I did where you get all flavors, or the single flavors of each, 25 French macarons per package, cost is $20.00 plus shipping.

Please let me know when you try them how you like them, and if you did, What is your favorite? I just cannot decide myself, so I just need to have the assortment of flavors!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I happily purchased these macarons as I knew they would be amazing and wanted to share with my fabulous readers. I choose to promote on this blog products that I just am crazy over, and that are of the best quality available! Thank you !!

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