Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday " Vintage Aunts Photo"

I found this old photograph of my Aunts a while back, and it has remained a favorite of mine. They are all so young here, and I love the bob hair styles! To the left is the oldest of the family, Sara, who we called Ara, the middle is Anna and the lady sitting is Matilda who we called Lenny. They are my Mom's older sisters, she was born the last of a family of seven! I worked on this photo restoring it as best I could, and I think it came out very well. Mostly all my grandparents had passed away once I was born, except my father's Dad, so my aunts and uncles were like having a zillion grandparents. I was very close to them, and I am so glad I have so many wonderful vintage photos to display around my house to remember them daily. I have so many fond memories with them, and I really believe they make me who I am today. I am truly blessed. 

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