Monday, November 30, 2015

Saks Shopping and The Shoe Floor

I cannot believe how fast these days are going! Christmas is on it's way! When I was in the city in November, I visited the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe floor for some browsing! If you have never checked out this floor, and you love shoes, it is a must. It is fun to just look at the designs and enjoy their amazing beauty! 

These Fendi bags were just so adorable! 
Fun Fendi sweater on the shoe floor 

I love anything metallic and these bags just called me over to them! 
Fun looking shoes but since I can't do heels, totally out of the question for me! 

Loved the colors here, so so fun ! 

I had to get the name of these because they were so unique with the angel wings! 
I have always wanted a face on my heel, haven't you? 

I felt we were in the need of some fashion on this blog, so there you have it. I tried to show some of the more unique items you can find at the shoe floor in Saks Fifth Avenue. Walking through this floor is always a really fun time! 

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