Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Best Halloween Costume Shops New York City

I can't say Halloween is my favorite holiday. When I was little, my Mom actually made all my costumes and they were pretty cool. She had quite a knack for doing things like that. I never did well in Singer Sewing School, just wasn't my thing. I would be more happy to purchase something, but not a plastic get-up from some basic store. Something unique, cool and maybe even classy! In New York City, there are so many options and even the vintage shops are a great place to get some neat apparel and accessories. The Manhattan Vintage Show is held the end of October, great place for guys and gals to find some very cool costumes!!

In no particular order, here is my top 10 list :

Spirit Halloween 
Ricky's Halloween Pop Up 
Screaming Mimi's 
Abracadabra Superstore
Patricia Field 
Early Halloween 
Creative Costume Company 
Frankie Steinz Costumes 
New York Costumes
Manhattan Vintage Show

What was your favorite costume as a child? Mine was a princess, of course! My Dad made my wand and crown with cardboard covered with tin foil. My parents were pretty crafty folks!!

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