Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TechStyle New York City Fall 2015

Last Monday I attended my first TechStyle NYC event with the fabulous Krista from NYC Talon
This was a fun event for those to visit in between the fashion shows in the city. Let's take a peek at some of my favorites at the show: 
The very cool Warsteiner Brewery was in attendance. Their business began in 1753 in Germany, so you know their beer is pretty top notch! 
These Limited Edition Art Collection Tulip Glasses just made me go over the moon! They were just so cool, each designed by internationally known artists. They gifted me with the one to the right, designed by James Jean, who became known in the global world of marketing as an illustrator. He has been mainly devoted for the last several years to the art of painting.  
Andy Warhol re-designed the  Warsteiner Tulip Glass using the glass and bottle as a canvass in themselves. Now Warsteiner hosts the yearly BLOOM Award art fair.  
Have you ever had Cold Brew coffee? It is pretty fabulous and these were from The Kopi Trading Company. Cold brew originated in Japan in the in the 17th Century, a brew method popularized by Dutch traders selling Indonesian Coffee. You MUST give it a try!!  
We had the opportunity to try the neat lollipops from Dosha Pops in flavors such as Chai Me Up, Head Over Hibiscus , Inner Glow,  Mytea Pomegranate, Velvet Rope, Wishful Pinking.  Dosha Pops has also been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Distinctive Assets' "Everyone Wins at the Oscars®" nominee gift bags for the 2015 awards. 
This booth blew our minds away. 3D printing by Shapeways really made you smile with what they can produce with a 3D printer. Jewelry, dresses, gorgeous masks. I have the photos to prove it!  
The jewelry was very, very cool. It is unreal to think these were made by a 3D printer!  
I would buy all this jewelry! 
Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace where you can design, make, buy and sell amazing products based in New York City!  
The Mood Lounge with Lifetherapy was really a fun place to check out. Lifetherapy products are made in the USA and make you feel great! Here is some info on the products from their website: 

Lifetherapy was founded upon the fundamental belief that when we live positively with scent and color, we can directly impact our outlook; we empower ourselves to meet life’s outcomes with a positive frame of mind. Lifetherapy combines one-of-a-kind scents and vibrant colors with luxurious, high quality products, all while cultivating mindfulness: for the mind, for the body, for the spirit.

I love their packaging, so nice for gift giving and the bag can be reused many times over  
A nice gift box with travel sizes to try the scents and see which one you like best. My favorite was the FLIRT :

Bergamot, Water Flowers, Coconut, Muguet, Rose

Allow yourself to be seduced by the innocence and playfulness of FLIRT. Top notes of water flower, white lily and rose are balanced with subtle hints of muget and bergamot to let your sweetness shine through. Wear it on a date, or just as a reminder to be a more beautiful you!

The positively bracelets were really very colorful and great for stacking together  

A few more cool items from Shapeways, which again was at the top of our list of what we were most impressed with at TechStyle NYC !

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these interesting products and be sure to check out their websites if something really excites you! I just love finding what's new and exciting in the shopping/tech world!

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