Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day 2015

Labor Day is a public holiday celebrated in the United States the first Monday in September. 

Some Labor Day history from Wikipedia: 

Labor Day was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, who organized the first parade in New York City. After the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago on May 4, 1886, U.S. President Grover Cleveland feared that commemorating Labor Day on May 1 could become an opportunity to commemorate the affair. Therefore, in 1887, the United States holiday was established in September to support the Labor Day that the Knights favored.

Canada's Labour Day is also celebrated on the first Monday of September. More than 80 other countries celebrate International Workers' Day on May 1 as their holiday dedicated to labor.

This holiday also marks the end of Summer and the Fall season. I think Fall is my favorite time, and I hope we have a nice one this year in the Northeast. I cannot believe how fast this summer, let alone the year, has gone. I hope everyone celebrating today has a very Safe and Happy Labor Day!! 

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