Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dining at Grand Central Market

I am such a huge fan of Grand Central Terminal. The building is gorgeous and so historic, great shopping, and amazing restaurants. It is a MUST visit when in New York City. 
I love the Grand Central Market. For those of you who stay at hotels with a fridge and microwave, this is a great place to purchase some prepared foods and take back to your hotel. You cannot go wrong with ANYTHING here. Not one darn thing. The photo above is from Zaro's Bakery. 
Ceriello Fine Foods has the most amazing selection. 
I love love seafood, could eat it everyday. This photo makes me very hungry at the moment! 
I always brought my Mom cheese from Murray's Cheese. She loved it, and enjoyed trying new flavors, many that we didn't have at home. 
I really hope no one is reading this on an empty stomach. That isn't a very good idea. 
I brought this home for my Mom as well, she loved mac and cheese, and she said this was one of the best she ever had. Now you know where I get my "foodie" from! 
How do you choose with this lineup? 
These are great to take back to your room for breakfast the next morning with coffee. The hotel breakfasts are usually very expensive, and these treats are oh so good! 
The dough on these pizzas is so soft and fresh, with just simple ingredients, it is to die for! 
What a great idea for the tomato and fresh mozzarella! Yummy!! 
I am in ♥ with Arancini but have never made it myself. These look so darn good, and if you have a microwave in your hotel to heat them up, life would be pretty perfect !! 
Cookies make everyone happy! 

Lots of desserts are here as well, such a great place and a wide variety of foods to fit every taste.

Have you been to Grand Central Market? What was your favorite food place?


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