Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Manicure at Bliss Spa

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My trip to the city last week was a very relaxing one. I made a long over-due trip to the famous Bliss Spa at Lexington Ave and 49th Street. . I used to stay in this area when attending the US Open, it's a great non-tourist area. I have had their chocolate pedicure which is just amazing, but never had one of their manicures. It was good my schedule was very open, and I made my appointment for 11:30 to give me time to get in via our bus. I had planned to visit MOMA, but that wasn't meant to be!  
I arrived about 15 early for my appointment, and was shocked the only polish selections were Essie and Opi. I felt being in NYC, they would have a much wider selection, but I do like Essie so that is what I choose. I scheduled the Upper Hand Manicure, which takes about an hour. It is to include a brightening mask, warm wax wrap and hot cream manicure.  
The decor of the spas is very clean and simple. It is a very relaxing space, and this one is directly next to the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue.  
Their nibbles selection is very nice, along with water and lemon, or tea if you wish. Unfortunately, I had to wait over a half hour to start my appointment. The nail tech who eventually did my manicure seemed to take her time with her client as I sat. And sat. And sat. I don't remember the brightening mask, but maybe I missed it. The hot cream was nice and very moisturizing. When she did the warm wax wrap, she left, didn't turn the tv on, and then seemed to forget me. The other lady was kind enough to start removing the wax wrap as she said I was sitting there with it a while.  
The finished results were very nice, and I am happy with my manicure. I wasn't happy with the lateness of the appointment, and the fact my trip to MOMA wasn't possible because I had a lunch with a great lady at 3pm. I made the bad mistake of paying ahead of time, and leaving the tip which probably should have been less than I added. 

Would I recommend Bliss Spa to someone? It is a good spa, and I have never had a problem before, but this wasn't a good experience. Everyone's time is so valuable, and it should be handled as such. The girl at the front desk was very pleasant, and gave me some samples of new products I wanted to try from their website. I would suggest if you do go here, keep the rest of your time open in case this should happen, and you are not missing an important appointment should they not be on time. 

Have you ever been to a Bliss Spa? How was your experience? 


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