Friday, September 18, 2015

10 Best Doughnut Shops in New York City

I think doughnuts are about as popular as cupcakes! I for one love a good doughnut, and so many places are getting so creative with their flavors! I think it's so cool that so many folks are being experimental with flavors and combinations. The people who are in love with unique foods are having a great time in 2015! Here is my list, in no special order, of some of the best doughnut shops in New York City.

1. Dough - flavors from apple pear cider, chocolate malt or hibiscus 
2. Doughnut Plant - amazing tres leches cake donut or matcha green tea 
3. The Donut Pub - vintage shop with great staples like glazed and crullers 
4. Dough Loco - try the banana curry or blueberry pancake 
5. Underwest Donuts - brown butter glazed doughnut, and a halva doughnut
6. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop - honey dip and red velvet as well as amazing filled donuts 
7. Orwasher's Bakery - wonderful yeast filled jelly donuts, filled as ordered 
8. Carpe Donut - from a food truck, famous for their apple cider donuts, all organic 
9. Doughnuttery - great variety of cake donuts rolled in sugar 
10. Balthazar Bakery - wonderful tender cake donuts 

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