Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Royce Chocolates

Royce Chocolate is a Japanese confectioner which began in 1983. They opened their first store in New York City in 2012 on Madison Avenue. I came across the shop by just walking around Bryant Park, where they have another location. I was very impressed with their selection, very different, and a pure treat for the chocolate lover.  
I found the packaging to be very neat, and the flavor selection even more so. Chocolate Wafers and I have been best friends ever since Kit Kat was invented! 
Chocolate covered potato chips. Need I say more? 
Samples. Who doesn't love samples in a chocolate shop? 
This is the kind of shop I love to find because you will not find them in your hometown. Unless you live in a big city, California or New Jersey, where some other shops are located. I love bringing back items that are so unique to family and good friends. 

They had many vintage items that were used to make chocolate which I really loved seeing in person. 

Soft marshmallows coated with creamy white chocolate are on that top shelf. The bottom has some very cool maccha green tea candy. Unique right? 
This is the maccha green tea candy, which I did try, and found to be very tasty. 

Their roasted almond selection had me drooling right in the shop! 
Black chocolate? Yes indeed, the darkest purest chocolate at 80 to 90 percent cacao. 

All ROYCE’ chocolates are produced in Hokkaido, Japan. The factory maintains the most innovative and progressive production systems to ensure the highest quality standards. Our uncompromising values embody everything we do – from quality ingredients to inventive new packaging. ROYCE’ has a reputation of excellence and this is shown in our passion for chocolate and our commitment to our customers.

You can check out their locations HERE on their website in New York City as they have 3 total.

Has anyone out there tried Royce Chocolates? How did you like it and what was your favorite?

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