Friday, July 31, 2015

Don't Miss the Frank Sinatra Exhibit at the NY Public Library

Since this was such a GREAT exhibit, and also FREE, I wanted to remind you that it is still going on until September 4th at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center. 
I thought I would show some other items that were not in my prior post, as I did take quite a few photos! How cute is this teeshirt? It must be very cool to say Frank Sinatra is my Grandpa! 
They have many personal items for view, such as this costume from a film Mr. Sinatra appeared in. I think it's so great of the family to allow his fans to see so many of these amazing items! 
This was set up like the home he grew up in, in Hoboken, New Jersey,. 

I actually have this album in my Dad's collection. He was a huge fan, and we always had the music playing in our house. Whenever I hear a Frank Sinatra song, I think lovingly of my wonderful Dad! 
These are more personal items on display, I love the beat up suitcase! 
Frank Sinatra is credited with 64 movie and television roles. Some of those movies are real classics like High Society, Ocean's 11 and From Here to Eternity, where he won his Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.
Frank Sinatra had 11 Gold Records. That is pretty impressive! I would be silly to say that my favorite is nothing other than New York, New York! If you ever hear that playing while you are in NYC, you just feel so fabulous! It's such an awesome song! 

Many more personal items here, baseball jackets given to Frank by various teams. 

This was a real cool set up, to resemble the Capitol Records studio. This exhibit is just done very, very well. 

Frank Sinatra was also a painter, and the above was from his workspace. 
I found his paintings to be very fun and full of life! 

If you missed my prior post on this exhibit, you can check it out HERE as there are other photos not in this post.

Now through September 4, 2015, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center - Admission is FREE but you can give a donation if you would like! I highly recommend this exhibit, and I just may pop in again before it closes. I think I just may have to give singing a try!


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