Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy

I really felt the need to write this post for you. Many of you know my Mom passed away this January, and it's been a very tough year for me personally. This is not a sponsored post in any way. I am a huge fan of Etsy, and finding wonderful products that are handmade. Just after my Mom passed away, I found CaitlynMinimalist, which takes handwriting and turns it into jewelry. I was really excited to have my name in my Mom's handwriting that I could wear on a daily basis. 
This is my Mom's handwriting in a 18K gold filled necklace and it is so wonderfu! I wear it daily, and when I have worn it to New York City, I get a compliment each time. They are so loving her handwriting, and my Mom would have been so happy to hear that. These items are so unique, one of a kind, because I am the only one who will have this necklace. It is such a great memory to have for me, I feel so lucky!  
I then ordered one with my Dad's handwriting, in the sterling silver and a longer chain. My Dad wrote very fancy, and this came out so awesome! So I now switch each day, each necklace, I never leave the house without one on. 

This is really sweet from their shop, of a child's drawing, that they turned into a necklace. What a great piece to have for a Mom, Grandma or Aunt! 

They also make rings and bracelets, and I think this is such a wonderful idea. The items make for such original gifts, and an item no one else will have. I just felt the need to show you here, and give the link to their Etsy shop, in case you wanted to have something made for yourself or a gift for someone else. You will cherish these items, I can totally tell you that from my experience. 

Let me know if you do order, how you liked your piece! I think you will be very happy with it. My main note would be to give yourself enough time to receive the item for a special occasion as it does take a few weeks for these very personalized piece of jewelry.

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