Wednesday, July 8, 2015

David Kracov My Heart is a Flutter at Eden Fine Art

David Kracov – My Heart Is All a Flutter (Black & White)

Eden Fine Art proudly presents the new artwork by internationally acclaimed artist David Kracov.
The new work "My Heart Is All a Flutter (B&W)" is the first black and white piece in a series that will be showcased in the upcoming months. David will be revisiting his popular works and exploring the world of Black, White and Gray.

Kracov is known largely for his colorful, optimistic and inspiring works over the years. His new endeavor, inspired by the works of
Ansel Adams demonstrates his search for artistic challenges, where he'll explore the endless possibilities of grey and pour a new meaning to his best known works to date.

David Kracov: ""When I painted the black, white and grey version of “My Heart Is All A Flutter”, rather than staring at the explosion of colors that brings the piece to life, my mind immediately began to change the colors of the butterflies. Each time my eyes passed over the butterflies I decided they were sky baby blue, sea foam, lavender, teal…… my eyes were creating the colors for me, the sculpture changed with every glance. Not only does my art bring life to color, but now with the absence of color, my mind is bringing the sculpture to life! "

My Heart Is All a Flutter (B&W) Is Now Available at 90 x 109 cm

You can check out my cool post about this awesome gallery here! It is a fun place to visit if you are in the midtown area of the city. 


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