Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun Items at the Pier Antiques Show

The Pier Antiques Show runs twice every year in March and November. Those 2 months are rather iffy for weather, so something like this is very cool to attend indoors and see some neat items. For the cost of $20, you can really see some vintage stuff, and some are even affordable! You may even see some famous people, many of the set designers/costume designers come here for items for a television show or movie. Something like Mad Men, for example, is really looking for specific items from the 1950's and 1960's, which you cannot just walk in any store and purchase. I have attended this show a few times, and it's always different - I can spend a good few hours walking around. Let's see what we can find today :  
Very large bottle of ketchup!  
This was great, very large, not sure where you would put it in a home - would be neat in a shop or restaurant perhaps  
Loved the coffee maker, so so super-duper! 
My parents gave me an appreciation of old movie stars, and these guys were just too funny! I loved the design on the cover of this CD - very vintage looking  
I a l m o s t bought this phone! Is it not amazing or what? I really thought about it, now looking back, I should have, but I passed. It was in great condition as well, whoever owned it took good care of it.  
Gorgeous items here, loved the blue color  
I felt like Don Draper was going to pop out and use one of these glasses! So wonderful !  
Beautiful plates, would be nice hanging on a wall  
I love all the gold detail here  
Now we have very large bottles with liquor - would be fun to decorate a bar area  
I really liked these - the design is too much!  
Artwork is here as well and you can find some unique items  
I love this type of glass, it is just so beautiful to the eye Hard to pick just one if you were purchasing  

Very elegant plate with gorgeous gold trim  

I have no idea what this was! I thought it was so darn hysterical - I had to photograph to show on the blog! If anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment below! I  just found that Vapor All is an e-cigarette line. That tells me just a bit of something, but not much. 

I have more to show next post of the jewelry and fashion items, they are always such great selections. Are you not a bit excited ? Stay tuned ...........

Next Upcoming Pier Antiques Show  Location at Pier 94
November 14, 15 2015 from 10am to 6pm


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