Friday, January 30, 2015

Tisserie 55

I had read about the Tisserie cafe online, so had to check it out. I normally am not in this area of the city, although I used to stay at the Park Central Hotel when I was in the city for the US Open. I still lose my sense of direction in this area, I need a compass for times like these! This place was moved from the Union Square area, and I was completely overwhelmed! I hope you are not hungry while reading this post. You have been warned!  
I am such a muffin person. I just love them. Love to make them myself too. They are even great for lunch with a piece of fruit. These looked pretty awesome to me!  

The sandwiches are just amazing! So filled and I love the smaller sizes if you just want a bite to hold you until dinner.  
These 2 looked so good.....Brie, Fig and Walnut are a great combo!!  
I really love the design of the place, very cool vibe 
I love seeing new pastry and these looked so interesting. I will have to try when I pop in again. 
A cheese and almond danish is always a good idea any time of the day or night! 
I had one of these as they sounded yummy. It was basically like a brioche bread, very rich and just so tasty! 
I am a big fan of quiche too and these flavors looked wonderful. I love the fact you can have these any time of day too. I find they make a wonderful light dinner. 

I was going to just get a cafe an lait but I was talked into a Nutella Mocha! The lovely design is being made here right before my eyes. 
It was so so good. They also make a Nutella Hot Chocolate and a White Hot Chocolate. Life is good. 
The only downside it is a pretty small place. I was able to find a seat and it wasn't too crowded on my visit. I would think many people get things to go, they are also near a few hotels, and if I was staying in one of them, I would pop in for something to take back to my room. 

Some other unique items to enjoy here. I was blown away by the selection. 
They use Stumptown coffee which some say is the absolute best. 
If you are in this area, I would highly suggest a stop here. It is really such a fabulous cafe, with wonderful offerings that are great to enjoy any time of the day. I know I will be back again sooner than later to try a new item!

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Tisserie 55

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