Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cafe' SFA Review

Saks Fifth Avenue. Iconic store on 5th Avenue, and one I am in more often than I should be. Prior to my recent visit to the Whitney Musuem for the Jeff Koons exhibit, I decided to have lunch at Cafe' SFA on the 8th floor. I have never been to the cafe'and was excited to try it. 
Nestled in the back of the fabulous shoe floor, this Christian Louboutin shoe was talking to me, but that heel and I are not friends. They actually had this design in sneaker form which would be more for me! So here you have shoes that cost thousands of dollars and a cafe' right in the back. Next to Louis Vuitton, another high end brand.  
Very nice, right? This area looked beautiful, but I wanted to sit by the windows for a view.  
This view was pretty top-notch! However, the windows were really dirty and the trim around them needed some painting. I just felt for a fancy floor and department store, this should have looked perfect.  
I had a cranberry lemonade which was very tasty and sized nicely. The bread basket could have been served warm, but I did find a pretzel roll that was really yummy. Would have been better warm. The lady next to me was complaining her butter balls (I liked the sound of the that!) were too hard and she seemed to be going after her butter at the table! It was funny, but again, should not have been an issue in this type of setting.  
I had the lunch special which was for $21.00 you had Maryland crab and corn chowder, salad and half a sandwich of cranberry chicken salad on raisin bread. The chowder was very tasty, and it was a nice size portion for lunch. The cranberry chicken salad was quite yummy as well.  

Would I eat here again? Probably, just not at the tables with the view. The food was good, and if you are in this area looking for a nice place to dine, this is lovely. Their menu has a nice array of salads, sandwiches and hot main courses along with some neat soda flavors. I felt the special I had was a good deal for New York City. After I was finished with lunch, I wandered back through the shoe department and just enjoyed the sights!!
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Cafe SFA

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