Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo Gallery Tuesday " Prometheus at Rockefeller Center"

This never gets old, no matter how many times I see it, it is just a beautiful work. Here is some history on this famous statue which stands 18 feet high and weighs 8 tons: 

Paul Manship's highly recognizable bronze gilded statue of the Greek legend of the Titan Prometheus recumbent, bringing fire to mankind, features prominently in the sunken plaza at the front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The model for Prometheus was Leonardo (Leon) Nole, and the inscription, a paraphrase from Aeschylus, on the granite wall behind, reads: "Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends." Although some sources cite it as the fourth-most familiar statue in the United States, behind the Lincoln MemorialMount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty, Manship was not particularly fond or proud of it. 

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