Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Pier Antique Show Pier 94 NYC

The Pier Antique Show was on my "to do" list for quite a while. I finally had the chance to check it out last November and I was really very impressed. 2013 was the first year it was hosted by US Antique Shows, which hosts many shows not only in New York but also LA, Miami and Las Vegas. This show costs $15.00 to attend, and if you are a lover of anything antique, vintage or rare items, I suggest you make a visit. You will find here a wide array of products from Art, Jewelry (fine, vintage and costume), Glassware, Vintage Fashion, Pottery, Furniture, Rugs, Fine Linens and the fabulous Art Deco. I couldn't list everything, but I think you understand the wide variety you will find here. The prices are a good range as well, from reasonable to mid level to very expensive. I think even if you didn't buy a thing, it is a very cool event to check out, especially during the March and November months when New York City weather may not be so favorable. Let's see some of the finds I wanted to show you: 
I love Tiffany lamps. Well, Tiffany anything, and the selection here was insane. So gorgeous! 
This reminded me of something out of Mad Men! 
The wall of Birkin's was a lovely sight to my eyes. These bags made by Hermes, can cost in the neighborhood of $19,000 and up, depending on the type of material used in the construction. Victoria Beckham is supposed to have 100 of these bags in her possession. They are made in France, and handmade by craftsmen. It can take up to 2 weeks to make one handbag. These vintage selections only go up in value from the original cost, a very good fashion investment! 
This was found at The Best French Antiques booth. What a gorgeous piece of work. Can you imagine this in your home? 
Soheil Oriental Rugs were really quite lovely and the lady at the booth allowed me to change my camera lens which I was forever grateful! I can see why these are so popular as the colors in some of the them were really quite impressive. 
I just adored this tea set! The tray, the tea pot and creamer and of course matching cups. I am not sure what era this was from, but I would have bought this if money were no object. Fabulous! 
This was the same booth as the tea set. They really had some amazing vintage items for purchase. 
I was so thrilled to find this booth, owned by Kathy McCue Schneider and Chuck Schneider with the company Pearl Washington in Carver, Mass. My Mom made so many ceramic items when I was growing up, for all the holidays, and we love to bring them out to decorate our home. These ceramic trees are pretty much a staple in my house, and I was thrilled to find they are highly collectible! Kathy told me she has a lady that lives in France that cannot get enough of them. They ship one to her every so often. We talked about how ceramics are a dying culture, which is sad, because I will be glad to have the items made by my Mom when she is no longer with me. I loved all the vintage Santa's they had as well at their booth. A very happy visit here indeed! 
How gorgeous is this mask? Just loved it to pieces! 
More of the fabulous Tiffany lamps with very unique designs 
This statue really caught my eye. 
I love these type of vases! The colors are fantastic and they would make a great gift for someone as well. I really enjoyed this booth and all their treasures! 
These monkey's just made me smile! What a piece of whimsy to add to your home! 
Like I said, you can find just about anything here! Clark Gable is not out of the question! 
This whole display is in miniature. I kid you not. It was in a box, like a shadow box, and this whole scene was inside. They were amazing! I really should have asked how much they were, just out of curiosity. The detail was out-of-this-world. 
One more gorgeous Tiffany lamp to end the post. They really brighten any room when you decorate with these works of art!! 

There will be a separate post for the fashions found at this show as well. I would also like to thank Pat from Vintage Couture Jewelry for my complimentary ticket to the show! We will show some of her great items in the fashion post. I hope you enjoyed a little visit to The Pier Antique Show at Pier 94 and will give it a thought to visit if in the city during it's run. It makes for one darn interesting afternoon!

Today's Words of Wisdom: I collect antiques. Why? Because they're beautiful. - Broderick Crawford

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Unknown said...

Those Tiffany lamps are gorgeous! I'm such a fan.

miss b said...

Thank you for taking us on a tour.You capatured this so well. Those Tiffany lamps are beautiful but my favourite photo is the wall of Hermès bags!

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