Thursday, February 6, 2014

Photo Gallery Thursday " Cupid"

An adorable cupid found at a vintage shop. I find vintage shops so amazing as what is one person's item to be sent away, is another person's treasure! I thought this little one was adorable, and hoped someone would take it and give it a proper home. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? We have some lovely ceramics my Mom made many years ago, that look lovely, and we do a heart on the door. It seems to come and go so fast, you really can't leave anything up for a long time. Hope your Thursday is fabulous, tomorrow is TGIF and the week is complete. 

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Unknown said...

I find that as well about Valentine's Day. If you blink you might just miss it. Between getting settled in with the New Year it almost seems like February just arrives and V-day comes and goes quickly. Thanks for helping us to stop and take note.

Hope it was a great week. Stay warm.



miss b said...

Those eyes are so cute! Vintage shops are a great way to recycle items people no longer want or need so that someone else can enjoy them.

Esme said...

she is a cute little cupid. I like browsing vintage stores. One never knows what they may find.

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