Monday, March 18, 2013

Bomboloni on the Upper West Side

We are traveling today on the Upper West Side. An area I would like to do a bit more roaming around in 2013. This is the Italain doughnut shop called Bomboloni  located at Columbus Avenue between West 68 and 69th Street. Looks like a cute little place, doesn't it ?  
You can also get lunch here, such as wonderful Panini's and my mom's favorite. Prosciutto! Life is good.  
This is a Bomboloni, a little doughnut....puff of air I will say and it is filled with various fillings.  
How on earth does one choose just 1 ?  
You know this was one I picked, right ? The name says it all  
Honey Cake was to die for 
I am a huge banana lover too so this was brought home  
They also make regular doughnuts too that looked pretty tasty  

They had a nice array of Italian goodies to take home, including Nutella 

If you are taking these home, the filling is very sensitive, so be sure to have a cooler with you if you have a long ride home. I would say if you have to drive over an hour, best to have the cooler with you. The doughnuts were really great, I felt they could have had a bit more filling in them, but were unique as well as light and airy. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Non si vive di solo pane. - Italian proverb. Translation: One does not live by bread alone.

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Daryl said...

in this small world of coincidences lsat nite i was cleaning up my iPhone's camera roll (to make sure i have enough room for iPhoneography in Paris!) and i deleted a photo i took of Bombolini last year to show someone!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Oh wow, do those look delicious!!!

Lisa Gordon said...

This looks like a wonderful place.
I am off to NYC this weekend and will definitely try to get there.
Thank you for sharing!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Have a great time Lisa! Let us know how you like this place if you get a chance to pop in !!

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