Monday, February 18, 2013

The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion

The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion is quite a gorgeous historic home. It was built in 1870, and was purchased by the Stegmaier family in 1906. The Stegmaier name is well known for it's Stegmaier Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. You can read about the long history of this mansion on their website HERE
The wrap around porch is just gorgeous and has such attention to detail, it is quite amazing in person! 
The woodwork in the library was just wonderful  
I just loved this vintage typewriter and was so wanting to push down on a key or two!!  
These were in most of the rooms, and I am thinking they may have been to call one another from room to room. Or they were a telephone, but I don't think they would have had them in each room. So cool.  
The ceiling of the ladies parlor was just divine.  
A piano in the ladies parlor  
This was in the gentlemen's parlor  
More of the beautiful work in the ladies parlor. The mansion was purchased by current owner, Joseph Matteo in 2001, and was fully restored to it's original beauty.  
I believe the ladies parlor was my favorite room in the house.  
You had to make sure you looked at the ceiling in every room, or you would miss this. And you do not want to miss any of it.  
The bathroom carried the same touches, like this vintage brush.  
The stained glass windows were quite a treat to the eye.  
The dining room   
More photos of the fabulous library ceiling detail. 
My friend who joined me for the day sat in this chair and said it wasn't too comfy but it looks adorable! 
Loved the display here of the vintage pieces  
Yes, more of the ladies parlor.  
The gentlemen's parlor. Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn have stayed here in the past when visiting the area.  
The dining room during the Valentine Tea.  
The stained glass in the dining room.  
The gorgeous fireplace in the dining room. 

The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion is available as a Bed and Breakfast, for Weddings and Honeymoons, Special Events and Victorian Teas. I did attend the Valentine's Day Tea, and will be sharing my post very shortly on the festivities. If you are a lover of Downton Abbey, or just the Gilded Age in general, a trip to this mansion would be a highlight of your day! Tours are also available by contacting the owner HERE.

Today's Words of Wisdom: You don't have to be positive, you just have to be yourself. 

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s.c said...

When I saw your pictures I thought it would be funny if a part of downton abbey S04 plays here and later on in your post you write it yourself. Funny. Yes it has a lot in common.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Same era for sure A gorgeous time period. Thanx for the comment S.C.

Daryl said...

such a beautiful restoration thank you for sharing it

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

What a beautiful home! I can't wait to hear more about the tea! What did you think of the Downton finale??

Enjoy your day! xoxoxox

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I think Downton is getting kinda soap opera-ish these days! Stinks to get rid of 2 main characters in one season but they wanted out from all I have read. Will be interesting to see how they do in their careers.

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