Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo Gallery Thursday "Making Pasta at Eataly"

If you have not had the chance to visit Eataly in the flatiron district, run. Don't walk there. It is beyond amazing. These lucky guys get to make f r e s h pasta every day. I would gladly do that job. You can dine here, inexpensive or fancy, and purchase some of the best Italian products in the world. My favorite pasta is gnocchi. What is your fave? Do tell .........

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Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Hi Rosemary -

I just LOVE may be one of my favorite places in NYC. We have a little mini version near me (also Mario Batali - called Tarry Market) and I go every chance I can get!

Enjoy your day! xoxoxo

Daryl said...

i like all pasta ... last night on the subway home a woman was toting several large shopping bags from Eataly

Murissa said...

Gnocchi is a good one but I am a sucker for any type of ravioli - it's so versatile and can be stuffed with anything from rabbit or boar to spinach and goat cheese. And the sauces! The combinations are really endless.

I visisted Eataly in summer of 2012 and I absolutely love it! Such a cool place for any foodie.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I waited until 2012 to visit Eataly and sorry I did not sooner but what a FAB place! Selection is just amazing!!

Unknown said...

Eataly is one of my favorite places in NYC. My husband and I have had dinner there and shopped the market. Love the fresh pasta and cheeses. :)


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