Friday, November 9, 2012

Neuhaus Chocolates on Madison Avenue

I am a VERY huge fan of the smurfs. Smurfette is just one of the cutest people! When I heard that the wonderful chocolatier, Neuhaus, had chocolate smurfs.....I had to check it out .......
This shop is very elegant, nice and cool ( I was a bit warm walking all over the city that day) and smelled quite fabulous! They have other locations throughout New York City, but this is their new flagship which opened in April of 2012. 
This company started making chocolate in 1857, in Brussels, Belgium by Jean Neuhaus. In 1912, the grandson of the founder took over the business, and invented the first filled chocolate "bouchee' which he named "praline". 
The chocolates are such works of art, I told the sales lady they were too pretty to eat. She said many say that, but once you taste them, you get over it !! 
Neuhaus contributes to better futures for cocoa farmers and their families. They built and paid for the primary school of Bodjonou in the south-eastern part of Ivory Coast. They provide the children of the local cocoa farmers with a good education for a bright future. They also provide training for the cocoa farmers of Bodjonou of good agricultural practices and business skills. Their aim is a sustainable cocoa supply chain and renewable crops, while respecting the environment. 

I thought this was very cool and I have the photo below of what it was used for so you can read it yourself. It was quite a sunny day, but the shot came out good enough for you to see this vintage piece of equipment. 

Here it is .....the smurfs box of $25 I have ever spent in a chocolate shop. You can get one with a little smurf attached to the bow or without. I got it without because I have quite a few of those little smurfs at home. 
This is what they look like out of the cute...right ? They tasted even better with a smooth praline center with puffed rice and milk chocolate. How cool would this be to bring home to family and friends? A big hit I would imagine! 

This was my first time in a Neuhaus shop and tasting their chocolate. I was really blown away by the flavors, the lovely staff and well, of course, the smurfs!! If you are a chocolate lover, I would highly suggest a trip here as the location is right in midtown on Madison Avenue.

500 Madison Avenue and East 52nd Street 

NY 10022  New York  (United States) 

T: (212) 644 4490

Opening Hours :
Mo-Fr: 10 am - 8 pm
Sa : 11 am - 7 pm
Su : 11 am - 6 pm

Today's Words of Wisdom: Wealth isn't necessarily Success 

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This place is chocolate heaven! I love Neuhaus Chocolates. I am a new follower of your blog. I am following now on GFC, twitter and Pinterest. It would be nice if we follow eachother's blog. Have a good day! Pamela

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