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Wedding Catering Tips

Wedding Catering Tips – Food for Thought

 If you are preparing for a wedding you will of course want to make sure that it is a day to remember – and for good reasons, such as a beautiful wedding and excellent food. Food is very important at a wedding and there are many types to choose from; so many that it can be hard to decide what to opt for. Should you go traditional or try and spice it up with some foreign fare? Should you try and do it cheap or spend a fortune? These are all regular questions that we will try and answer below:

Suitable for large numbers
One important consideration when it comes to wedding catering is how many people there will be easting. This will make a big difference in terms of what foods will be suitable. Some foods can be easily cooked for large groups where others are just not suitable. If there are 300 people for example, cooking chicken breasts would be a bad idea because some are bound to dry out. Roast meat joints are a better idea, or food that can be cooked in large pots like coq au vin or even curry.

Catering for all tastes
Then comes the question of what food you will choose to serve everyone. Perhaps the bride and groom love spicy Pakistani food, but will anyone else? You can only really have a couple of alternatives at a wedding so choose something that everyone is likely to enjoy, with a vegetarian option available.

Keeping to budget
Spending a fortune on catering could give you a fantastic feast that everyone will love, but can you afford to do that? There are options for all budgets so everyone should be able to enjoy a good feed. Richer folks can enjoy eight course dinners and people with less cash could opt for a hog roast and cupcake dessert.

Enjoying it!
Most importantly, enjoy it! It’s only a meal so get something that the main people at the wedding will love and don’t stress too much about it. People will be too busy laughing at speeches and drinking champagne to care too much.

Whether you are looking for caterers in London, Milan or New York, consider the above points and enjoy your big day!

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