Monday, October 1, 2012

Eataly "The Savory Post"

This post is long overdue. Eataly is a must stop when in the city. The concept was taken from a high end Italian food market which first opened in Turin, Italy titled Eataly in 2007. The chefs Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and her son Joseph Bastianich were so impressed with the idea, they opened one in New York City August 2010. 
This place is the ultimate food lover's paradise! You can shop for the BEST foods to make your own recipes at home, you can shop for prepared foods, you can eat here, you can learn how to cook here at La Scuola di Eataly !! Lots of choices for every visitor. 
I was lucky to visit first thing in the morning, on a Tuesday, before it got really crowded. I did not know where to begin. Everything looked like something out of a magazine, We only have 50,000 square feet to walk through. Piece of cake.  
Since this was my first stop of the day, I really did not buy too much but was a bit sad that I couldn't as everything was just so perfect. Perfect Food. Yep, that is it in a nutshell. 
They even have a vegetable butcher here. Yes, you read that correct. The vegetable butcher will do whatever you need to your vegetables. Trim an artichoke, peel baby carrots - the butcher has it covered. The service is free, however I am not sure how often I would use it. Maybe if you were on your way home to cook, and didn't want to have to do the prep work, it would be handy. 
In additional to the food, they have all types of kitchen products available  
I loved all the happy colors here and I was very tempted to take something home but I behaved. 
Gnocchi has to be one of my favorite pastas and we make it from scratch in my house. The pastas in front of the gnocchi look pretty good too!!  
Pasta. You cannot imagine how many varieties of pasta is available here. The homemade kind as well as dry but oh so fresh as all direct from Italy. You can see a difference when you purchase pasta that has been made in Italy. It cooks faster because it is fresher and just tastes out-of-this-world. 
Bread. Another amazing area of Eataly.  
The amazing color of this soft bread with olive oil caught my eye. 
This is a seating area to grab a bite to eat. 
Meats and Cheeses. The selection here was just mind blowing.  
We love lamb but cannot find alot of it in my local supermarkets. This was like lamb heaven. I felt really sad I could not take anything here home.  
Salami. goes well with cheese. and crackers.  
the cheeses were really works of art. I love watching all the work that goes into making a really good cheese, they take such care in the process and you can really taste it in the end result.  
If you have never tried fresh mozzarella, you must. You will never go back to the old stuff again. Here they make it right in front of your eyes, which is oh so cool. 

They had a very large gluten-free section, which I was surprised to see but with so many people that cannot eat gluten, good move on their part. 

Eataly is really a fabulous destination. The products are the best you can find, and you will not be disappointed with anything purchased here. 

200 5th AVE

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Everything you see I owe to pasta." - Sophia Loren

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Daryl said...

what amazing selections .. must get down there ASAP!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

yes you should! just a fabulous place and wait till I show the desserts
that is a whole separate post!!

JeeC said...

I go to Eataly about every two weeks. I love their arugula, so crunchy and fresh. Also, a fan of their focaccia topped with sweet onion.

I had no idea they had a vegetable butcher!

Maureen Makes It said...

Hi Rosemary. I have been reading your blog for so long and I just have to tell you how it always fills an empty spot in my heart, as a New Yorker who has lived in Texas for many years. You make me feel connected to so many things I love. Your posts are photo essays that transport me to where ever it is you're visiting and I always love the trip.

This Italian market looks incredible. I love the idea of a vegetable butcher, too. I'll be in NY in a couple of weeks and will look forward to checking it out.

Best regards,

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