Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Wedding at The Plaza Hotel

When walking around New York City, you never know what you will stumble upon. I was walking past The Plaza Hotel, and saw this commotion going on. At first, it looked like maybe a show being filmed but as I got closer  
ahh a wedding and some photograph taking in front of The Plaza. I had to get a bit closer, you know me....... 
You know having a make up artist is a must at your wedding photography session  
the happy couple  
the bouquet was just gorgeous  
then they ran off to take photos in the street  
literally, right in the street  
I am not sure if the wedding was held at The Plaza itself, or they just came here for photographs. I would imagine a Plaza Wedding would be the ultimate for any couple. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Love Works Wonders 

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Totally the ultimate wedding venue. They look so beautiful and happy.

Daryl said...

is the plaza still doing events? last summer i was in Central Park taking photos at the Carousel when i encountered a bride, groom and at least 5 with the photographer ... took a few pix of the couple, got her email and sent them to her ..

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

How nice of you Daryl...I must do that the next time I see one as saw another at Bryant Park and got some nice shots
You are too nice of a lady!!

Yes the Plaza is the ultimate for sure
Thanx for the comments !!

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