Friday, September 21, 2012

Coney Island with A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

I had a great opportunity to join the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour in August. It was a pretty hot day so I was glad to have the comfort of the air conditioned bus to show us around Brooklyn. One of our stops was Coney Island. The first structures were built here in the 1840's, this park has much history to go along with all the fun. 
Everything was so colorful and bright, and as we all know, I love color 
This ride looked interesting but I would never attempt as I am not a fan of high places 
I also found the area to be very nostalgic, like I was going back in time 
The storefronts seemed like they were there a long time but kept up very well 
This place says "since 1934" quite a long time to be in business 
Ahhh the beach. And there is my little boat. I hope it is air conditioned. 
The famous Nathan's Hot Dogs. Every year they have a hot dog eating contest which is televised due to it's popularity. Crinkle cut french fries, corn dogs, burgers and Philly cheese steaks are on the menu here. 
The Wonder Wheel. Built in 1918, opened in 1920, holds 144 riders, stands 150 feet tall and weighs over 2,000 tons. This is one of the 3 rides at Coney Island along with The Cyclone and Parachute Jump which are  protected as NYC Landmarks and listed in the National Register of Historic Places
How can you not love this guy? I was just so enjoying this vintage waiter on top of this restaurant on the boardwalk. 
A Slice of Brooklyn Tours is a great way to experience Coney Island for your first time, and then go back if you wish to spend more time at the park. 
The famous Cyclone roller coaster built in 1927, is one of the US's oldest wooden coasters still in operation. If you enjoy riding on these, this would be one you would want to try. 
On our way out of Brooklyn, we went past some gorgeous architecture. I was so happy to be able to show these to you. A Slice of Brooklyn has a neighborhood tour which would be something really unique to do on a Saturday afternoon. Just look at these beautiful homes:

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt through Coney Island and Brooklyn, NY. When you visit New York City, remember there is more than Times Square and Canal Street. If you allow yourself to go outside the box, you will be really treated to something extraordinary. I know many can be afraid of venturing on their own, so these type of tour companies do all the work for you. You just sit and enjoy the day.

A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours Offers:
Christmas Lights Tour 
Brooklyn Chocolate Tour

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Daryl said...

fun ... i visited coney island summer before this for the first time and i had an incredible time taking pix .. the wonder wheel is my favorite tho i would never ride it .. nope.. i dont do heights

Celestial Charms said...

Wow, that looked like lots of fun. I'm struck at how very tidy everything looks. The historical houses are truly precious.

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