Friday, August 10, 2012

Turkish Coffee at the Coffee and Tea Festival

We are back at the Coffee and Tea Festival at the Turkish Coffee Table. Their coffee was really amazing and has a totally different flavor than I was used to tasting. The New York festival was SOLD OUT in February. They are planning one in November in Atlantic City which I highly recommend, if you like either or both. It is a really fun time.  

I loved the copper coffee pot to brew your drink. This set above is vintage and was there just for show. I asked because I was curious if it was for sale to purchase. How wonderful would it be to have your coffee served in a set as above. Just amazing.

                Click HERE for information on the festival in Atlantic City                             

Today's Words of Wisdom: Do Not Forget to Dream 

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1 comment

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Rosemary,
What fun! A coffee/tea festival would be right up my alley. Love all types of both. I do drink Turkish coffee, but not very often. Like how they served the coffee in paper cups, instead of the dreaded styrofoam. Love your photographs. I love coming to your blog, as it gives me my needed NYC fix, that I so miss!
Thanks you.

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