Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Gallery Thursday " 2 Chicks with Chocolate"

2 Chicks with Chocolate is a fabulous name for a wonderful chocolate company from South River, New Jersey. Their chocolates are so beautiful, you really hate to eat them! With unique flavors like Merlot, Honey Lime, Champagne Ganache, Strawberry Caramel there is something for everyone's palette. These are quite lovely to send as a gift, or to bring as a hostess gift. They also have chocolate classes, which I would love to do one day, and you can find out more HERE. They ship items online as well and are usually one of the chocolate favorites at the Chocolate Show in New York City. 

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Daryl said...

all these high calorie posts ... I am gaining weight just reading them! :)

Christina Conrad said...

Honey lime... yes please!


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

ahh no these posts are -0- calories which is just wonderful!! ☺

Unknown said...

Yummy these treats look so delightful and worth trying! :)

Happy Monday doll!



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