Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Gallery Thursday "Donna Bell's Bakeshop March 2012"

I first must say, that I receive no payment from Donna Bell's Bakeshop for posting on the blog. In fact, if you do not see a disclosure at the bottom of the post, I am talking about the place on my own. There are so many great places to check out in the city, and I am thrilled to help you find some you may miss otherwise. So our trip to the city in March included a stop at Donna Bell's Bakeshop. These cuppies were just to die for, Blueberry Almond? What a great combo as I love both flavors. My only complaint would be there is no seating inside to sit and enjoy your item with a drink. There is a park nearby however and now that weather is improving, that is a grand idea. Hope your Thursday is the best day of the week!! 

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Anonymous said...

A week or so ago my Mom had heard of Donna Bell's Bake shop on TV and asked me if I had heard of it. I was so pleased to tell her that I had seen it on your blog. I printed out your blog entry to save for the next time we come to visit NYC. Thank you,


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

That is great Kathy Just what I am trying to do here Show everyone what is in NYC to be visited! How great you were able to tell her you knew about the place. It is wonderful and those cinnamon scones are to die for along with the smell in the street!
Have a great holiday weekend!!

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