Thursday, March 29, 2012

Michel Cluizel Shop on 5th Avenue New York City

The fabulous chocolate maker from France, Michel Cluizel, is a must stop when on Fifth Avenue. 
We stopped in at Christmas, but as you can see, it was so packed we really couldn't look at anything.  
On a Sunday in February, big difference. The shop is small but very quaint, there are tables to enjoy a drink and something from the pastry case. The pastry case is a dangerous place as you will see below: 
How one chooses one item here I will never quite understand 
My eyes caught the lovely pastries on the back counter, and the last 2 almond croissants were all mine.  
The chocolates in this shop are so unique, and you can tell they are hand made. Care is taken with each piece to make it perfect.  
I loved the different colors here, and they are white chocolate with various liquor infused in each. Raspberry is one of the flavors, but I think buying a few different would be so pretty to give as a gift.  
This uber-large truffle was all in it's own planet! My friend actually got one to take home, she loves truffles and never saw one so big. It didn't last very long.  
The boxes of just 4 candies at the Chocolate Show were so pretty. What a really wonderful gift to bring back to family and friends from your travels.  
The man himself with his fabulous book  
Last, but certainly not least, the window. Oh my word, a chocolate handbag....I was beside myself. I also love the red gift box with the Eiffel Tower charm hanging from the ribbon. Let's just say, this is a great shop to stop in and enjoy chocolate at it's finest level. They also have a Kosher line of chocolates as well.  

584 Fifth Avenue (near West 47th Street) 
New York, New York 10036

Today's Words of Wisdom: Success is Never Attained Through Mediocrity 

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Daryl said...

Rosemary .. you are torturing me .. I want to taste it all ..

Esme said...

I did not know he is in NY-I may have to send you on a shopping trip and a visit to the post office. YUMMMMMMMM.

Lot-O-Choc said...

I just got back from New York a couple of weeks ago, was my first time there, the chocolate shops are fact the food in general is out of this world yum!!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Glad to hear you made a trip. It is pretty amazing indeed, what was your favorite chocolate shop?

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