Friday, March 16, 2012

Bergdorf Goodman 2011 Holiday Window Art Part 3

Another one of Bergdorf's 2011 Holiday Windows and it is just amazing. Their holiday windows are one of the best "must see" during the holiday and also throughout the whole year. They just really use all their talent and creativity each time a new window is shown. The last photo is from their website and photographer so you can see the whole idea, as well as their meaning of the window. We were there on a very busy Saturday, and it was impossible to obtain a shot of the whole window that day. Please enjoy !!  

Photo by Ricky Zehavi
“Teacher’s Pets” takes viewers inside a 3-dimensional paper classroom filled with black and white paper animals, including a life-sized paper zebra, ostrich, panda bear, aardvark, white peacock, and more.  As the “students” pose within a cascade of zoological textbooks, the teacher – dressed in a black and white lace Marchesa gown – presides over the paper bestiary.  Noted New York calligrapher, Bernard Maisner, provided hand-lettered labels, in Latin, for all the animals.

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Fashion-isha said...

Wow! That is unbelievable!
Happy Weekend!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes Sharon that is a word for these Just loved them and even though a bit late, had to share with everyone!

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