Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 5 Blog Posts for Week Ending February 11, 2012

The Coffee and Tea Festival NYC is coming up in 2 weeks, and as you can see by the happy guy at the Cafe' Mami stand, it is a great time! They are also planning a festival in Atlantic City, November 3,4 2012, so check their website if that is closer to you. 

I have a wonderful top 5 this week, be sure to click all and enjoy! Have a fabulous Sunday!! 

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DowntonAbbeyCooks said...

Thanks for spreading the love of the food of Downton Abbey. As a foodie, a fan of the show and a historian of sorts, I have created this blog to explore the foods of an era not so long ago. It is simple food on a grand scale.

Thanks again.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

That guys is too happy. Looks like he's excited for some coffee and tea.

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