Friday, January 13, 2012

J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions @ Grand Central Terminal


·         January 19       7:30p               Legends exhibition match
·         January 20-23  12p, 3p, 6p      Early round matches  (players, details TBD)
·         January 24       12p, 6p                        Quarterfinals  (players, details TBD)
·         January 25       6p                    Semifinals    (players, details TBD)
·         January 26       6:30p               Finals  (players, details TBD)

WHERE:              Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall
                              89 East 42nd Street,            New York, NY 10017

VISUALS:              *   Four-walled ToC Glass Court weighs 10 tons and sits in historic Vanderbilt Hall.  Seating for 500 spectators surrounds the court on three sides. Court and stands are assembled 48 hours prior to first match.
*    Onlookers can view games for free from a standing-room-only area.
*    During the tournament, junior players in the ToC Junior Invitational and NYC urban squash programs take turns in the ToC Glass Court (call for timing).
*    Top-ranking international men’s and women’s players compete each day, among train arrivals and departures, and 750,000 daily commuters and shoppers.

INFO:                   The world’s largest squash spectator event, the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions returns to Grand Central Terminal for a 15th year of competition among the world’s best professional squash players. The squash equivalent of Wimbledon, ToC is one of the men’s Professional Squash Association tour’s most-coveted titles. The only championship sporting event held annually in Grand Central, this is a favorite tour stop for the more than 80 top-ranked men and women professional players who compete for the title.

2010 Champion James Willstrop

**photos provided by the wonderful press department at Grand Central Terminal

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Courageous Designs said...

When I first read this I thought you meant the vegetable until I looked at the pictures. Lol. You will have to forgive me I am from from the south.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Total;y understand....this will be a fun event for those in the city next weekend!!

Kiran said...

wow this is amazing! A sports tournament in a train station! Only in NYC! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I used to be an avid squash player, but no more. Here in Chicago, they have staged a very similar event in Millennium Park on the stage where the orchestra plays during the summer--sort of crazy, but fun. Night matches were a big hit.

Glad I found your sight.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Welcome Joseph ..glad to have you!
Your site is cool as well and I will be following! I am a big fan of Downton Abbey, just obsessed!!

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