Friday, December 23, 2011

The Plaza Hotel at Christmas

A trip to NYC during the holidays would not be complete without a visit to The Plaza Hotel  as it never disappoints you ........

the downstairs area is just lovely with unique cosmetics and jewelry galore 
the trees were gorgeous with this piano player's Christmas tunes in the background 
We even spotted Santa himself, telling stories to all the good girls and boys 
For a bite to eat, head to my fave the Todd English Food Hall ......a chicken pizza or greek salad will fill that tummy from all the shopping and sightseeing.........
These are the cupcakes made my Todd's daughter, Izzy, called Curly Cakes. They are really amazing and some have fillings as well. 
There are other desserts as well if cupcakes are not your thing. 
We sat having a drink for our feet were quite tired this day, near the panini maker. Yes, those are prosciutto paninis being made, freshly sliced. We love prosciutto in our house, it is great with anything or by itself. The nice guy making them allowed me to take a photo, and also gave us some samples. A proper prosciutto will melt right in your mouth, as this one did. Pure heaven!! 

The gorgeous tree in their lobby!! 

BlackBook has some details on the Plaza's food-court expansion, including William Greenberg bakery, Luke’s Lobster, a bigger François Payard, Lady M Cake Boutique, and splashy Sushi of Gari. [BlackBook] via New York Magazine 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Try Anything Once 

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Pat Bradley said...

I love The Plaza--especially Chef English's Food Hall! I even had a grand birthday dinner there!

Love your blog too!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thanx Pat - welcome to the blog! I always end up at the Plaza and thrilled they are adding some more food shops to the place. So exciting!!

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