Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Food at the 2011 Chocolate Fashion Show New York !!

We are back at the 2011 Chocolate Fashion Show I attended in early November. It was quite a scene and they had some great food I thought you would enjoy!! 
It was pretty crowded and very hustle-and-bustle with people everywhere trying to get the yummy goodies! 
To say this was a really fun evening is an overstatement. If you can go next year, it is for a great cause and you really do enjoy yourself on a night out in the big city!! 
The Champagne was on ice and ready to be served ...........
 a little spice to go with that drink is always fun .........
This was interesting, a Spinach Flan, for the real foodie at heart. I thought it was really quite tasty!! 
The famous Serendipity 3 was in attendance, but with sauces you can top little mini hot dogs! Gotta love this place, so creative!! They have only been in business since 1954, so they must be doing something right!
Italian food was well represented here with Henry's and Casa Nonna respectfully.........
Cupcake shots by Tonnie's Mini's gave smiles to all who tried them! The chocolate lady and shoes were wonderful and I am so bad by not getting the name who made them!!
The Champagne is resting on the runway. Let the fashion begin ..........

The Chocolate donors for the fashion show were Guittard and Valrhona 

Today's Words of Wisdom: You are Born to Succeed 

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Esme said...

I am so envious you went to this. This is something I have always wanted to go to.

Arr said...

The chocolate looks amazing. I think I am on the fence with the Spinach Flan

Karen@PasGrande-Chose said...

This looks like a chocoholic's dream event! And hey, it seems we share a birthday - happy (late) birthday to you too for yesterday!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Esme: You should make a plan to go next year! Maybe we should have a NYC Style and a little Cannoli Chocolate Show Meet Up! That would be so neat!

Dr. Regina: the flan was the strangest item but actually quite good and light. I try most things at least once!!

Karen: how cool we share a bday..mine originally was on a Friday so that explains me in some situations! thanx for the wishes!!

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