Friday, October 7, 2011

A Snack at La Bella Ferrara's Cafe in Little Italy

On our recent trip to Little Italy, we had to have dessert first! LaBella Ferrara is a wonderful cafe to have that dessert you will be talking about months later..... 
they also have these wonderful take away items in front of the cafe .......these looked really yummy!! 
the famous italian rainbow cookie (made with almond paste) turned into a cake....I can't really imagine how good these must be !!  
the bottom left are called "lobster tails" and they are to die for if done properly......they are a vanilla or chocolate bavarian cream within a flaky crisp shell.....if you have never tried one, they are a must...... 
cannoli of all flavors here as well as of course, cupcakes!!  
since it was another hot day in the city, we had iced cappuccino which was amazing AND  
the most light-as air espresso mocha cake......the dessert list they bring you is maybe 4 pages decide is quite a job but we both liked this as was something we never tried before...this was spilt as you can see with the two forks, most of their desserts are best that way!!  

Today's Words of Wisdom: If you are going to have Addictions, make sure that they are Positive ones

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s.c said...

Looks great again. Thanks for showing

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

This is a great place so had to share!!!

Anonymous said...

The chocolate cupcakes with the white frosting/rainbow sprinkles look right up my alley ;)

Annemarie said...

Wow! Everything looks divine! Great photos as well :)

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