Friday, August 19, 2011

Macaron Cafe Madison Avenue Location

upon our trip to the city for our On Location Tour, we were walking pass the Macaron Cafe, Madison Avenue location  
this dress made out of french macarons was just adorable in the window  
I just love this place and since my travel partner for the day, Taylor, never had a french macaron, we had to solve that problem!! 
they are something everyone should try at least once but I think after the first time, more will come  
the Wedding Almond was Taylor's choice and I had the Coconut ....she was smiling pretty big as she tried it...these are a great little treat while you are walking along in the city......
just enough sweetness for more walking energy!! 
they also have great packaging for taking some home to family and friends......they will love you for it!! They also have a location near Macy's as well if you happen to be in that area. 

Macaron Cafe on Urbanspoon

Today's Words of Wisdom: Say Positive Things to People you Love Everyday 

Macaron Cafe

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Paris Pastry said...

How lovely! Next time I'm in the city I HAVE to go there! The uniform of the macaron lady is very cute! Can I ask how much they cost? Per macaron? Just curious :).

Sarita Leone said...

They look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Aw, their little uniforms are sweet ;) I just love seeing all of the rainbow macarons lined up like that... I feel like I'd need to get one in every color, hehe. You're right about the box, how adorable! I would totally save it :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute place! I have never tried a macaron but have seen them everywhere in NYC. On my next trip there I will have to make sure that I try them.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Here is their website as they have sandwiches and salads as well..

Macs are $2.25 each which I didn't think was bad at all......

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