Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Blooms Events Tribute to Coco Chanel at the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show

It would not be a Paris flower show without some nod to Chanel...this was really beautiful.......

Beautiful Blooms Events
1011 N. Hancock St., No. 103, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Contact: Donna O’Brien, 215-925-9300,
Boites des Fleurs a la Mode (Boxes of Fashionable Flowers)
This exhibit features boxes filled with fashionable flowers, all with a nod to the great designer Coco Chanel. Teaming whimsy with elegance, the display includes tweed and quilting, among many other textures for the boxes, each blooming with the most fashionable pavé of flowers. An overhead view of the entire exhibit reveals that the boxes form a large gift box with a cross of ribbon.

it was really done very well indeed  
the colors were amazing  
I loved doing some close up shots of the flowers  
I think Coco would have approved of it  
these were so pretty  
makes me think spring is very close now..... 
this was a really neat flower....anyone know the name ? 
always one of my faves, just so gorgeous!!  
these bleeding hearts were great as well........hope you enjoyed this exhibit to Coco Chanel !! 

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Unknown said...

Oh! Now I have envy!

When I was in the City last week Macy's had just decorated its entry-way from the floor up to and covering the ceiling in flowers. I must be truly breathtaking to see all of this! And an honor to Coco as it should be.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I will be visiting Macy's flower show coming up...this was from the Philadelphia one which is just amazing....many more photos to come from the Phillie show....

Marina Mott said...

It's unbelieveble!! Amazing!!And, of course, très chic!! xx

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I love this floweers!

ciao ciao from Rome

Paris Pastry said...


Vær våken said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers and photos!!! And you're always so sweet, Rosemary! Have a LOVELY weekend!

Kristin xoxo

Joyful said...

Lovely blossoms :-)

gleestormont said...

your mysterious yellow flower is a protea, Im not sure the variety, but they originated in SAfrica i believe.

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